OMG it’s so time to change it up!!

Jun 22, 2021 | Ryan's Blog

June 22, 2021 – OMG it’s time to change it up!!

July is a unique month. In the US, it’s the focal point of summer vacation. It defies expectations other than summer relaxing. It has a “false” sense of being long, since it falls in the middle of a 3-month summer vacation.

When I was growing up, (after my parents divorced) we spent all of July with my dad, and yes, it felt long. The highlight was that we went to the Leary family reunion every 4th of July weekend held at my aunt and uncle’s cottage on Keuka Lake: the best memories of all were made there!!! Now, back to the present…

July is around the corner, y’all! And it’s NOT 2020 anymore!!! woooottttt!!! What was last July like for you? Were you still in that “well, I guess I’ll use this weird time to get organized but I’m really having trouble” kind of mindset?

I think we all WANTED to be productive last year, but honestly, the energy needed to JUST NAVIGATE all the crazy stuff happening was powerfully overwhelming. In retrospect, it seems like we coulda/shoulda/woulda have gotten so much done since we were at home so much, right??? But no. It wasn’t the right energy.

No matter! It’s almost July 2021 and we have something fun to offer you here in Organizing4good-land!

I’m looking around my house thinking, I sooooooo want to show the door to so many things. Give them their marching papers. Re-home that stuff!!! And unless I rally my peeps, (AKA all y’all!) I might not have the attention span for it.

So, my peeps, it’s the ABSOLUTELY-NO-PRESSURE-YOU-CAN’T-GET-BEHIND “Lighten Up” series! Yes, literally, let’s lighten up our homes and spaces!!!

So, for this July, instead of the regular Lunch Bunch Live, we will be posting a daily “Lighten Up” suggested task. Now, if you find your energy is on another part of your living space and you’re not inspired by our daily task, then that is so totally cool! You do you! Just seek to Lighten Up!!!

No pressure, remember??? And you’ll never be BEHIND!!!

Excited?? I sure am!!

3 things you MUST do first though: KEEP IT SIMPLE! Please!
1) 10-15 min – walk around your whole home (and take pics!) and dream (don’t touch anything!)
2) 5-8 min – choose that dedicated space in your home for all the boxes of items that will be leaving (AKA Launch Pad!)
3) 5-10 min – decide right now where and WHEN you will take those things to be donated!! (daily? weekly?)

You did a lot of thinking and PLANNING in those three steps but you didn’t dive into a big project yet, did you?? You are so smart and awesome, by the way.

Next, we are going to use the CALM Method to increase our chances of getting some stuff out of the house. (What is the CALM Method??)

Here we go:

Step 1 – Confirm your Calendar for WHEN you will do the task the next day (or in the morning) and put it on your actual calendar.
Step 2 – Arm your Alarm by setting 2 alarms (Yes, 2!) to lead you up to when you’re doing the task (15 and 5 minutes ahead)
Step 3 – Lay out your Launch Pad by getting some bags/boxes to put things in, label if you will have different destinations (no more than 2 please?) I get it, but don’t get caught up in that part or you will get sidetracked…been there!
Step 4 – Practice the Pause by taking a nice deep breath and tell yourself “There is no pressure here! This is only going to give me wins! I am so ready!!”
Step 5 – Mobilize into Motion and do that task! (no thinking needed, you already set yourself up for success!)
Step 6 – Celebrate and post a pic or blurb about what you did inside the CALM Collaborative FB Group!!!

And Lastly, HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!!! It’s all about wins, baby!!!!

Ryan 🙂


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