One “love language” you’ve never heard of before

Jul 6, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Words never spoken before:
“Cool Prius!” and “Sending emails can be a type of love language”

Who knew that email could actually be a type of love language?

Remember when your grandma would cut out things from the newspaper and send them to you in the actual U.S. mail? I’m sure I’m dating myself here, but the point is that “snail-mail” used to be the only way to share articles, photos, comic strips, recipes, etc. (I do miss getting a sweet letter in the mail…)

Now, we can send all kinds of things to each other, instantly.

And that’s one of the contributors to our overstuffed email inboxes.

Of course, we are ALWAYS going to send each other “stuff” so it’s a must to figure out how to deal with it (and/or do some quick ninja-like triage!).

When I finally started getting a real handle on my email, I found all kinds of stuff in there! Lots of it was completely useless clutter, of course. But, I had an amazing realization:

My husband’s “love language” is sending me emails!!

I found articles, recipes, videos, ideas, requests, etc etc, that I had NEVER SEEN.

It must have been so frustrating for him to send me stuff and feel like he’d just thrown it over a cliff, never to be heard from again.

Ooops!!! Sorry, hon!! I kept the kids alive and the house standing, but I did NOT SEE all those emails.

Now that I am (mostly) on top of my email, I see that stuff.

I also see that he wants us to have a great life full of adventure! He wants to try fun recipes. He wants to laugh over silly videos. (We have TikTok for that now…)

It was all there, but I had NO IDEA because it just washed past in the barrage of constant, out-of-control emails!

There are so many reasons that drowning in your email is detrimental, but, on the flip side, you CAN get ahead on it! Get a really big shovel because we are going in there!

Please join us every Thursday in July to Surf Your Way to Inbox CALM.

We swear you will find some gems among the thousands of emails that you will delete!!

Sign up here for free!

Give yourself these 4 weeks, one hour at a time, and see what can happen!! We will be live on Zoom Thursday at 11a CST in the CALM Collaborative, so there will be a replay available.

And I’d love a quick reply to tell me what being on top of your email would do for your life!

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Ryan 🙂


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