Riding the freight train of May?  Well, you’ve got company!

May 9, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

May 9, 2023 – There’s so much going on that I can hardly BREATHE!

How about you??

It’s May, I get it, but…SHEESH!!

This is my brain right now!! (warning: don’t watch the above gif for too long or your eyes will absolutely cross!!!)

What a cruel trick it is that the busier things feel, the more overwhelmed I get, and then I find it almost impossible move forward. “Where do even I START??” 

Thank GAWD for my steadfast friend and companion: The CALM Method

STEP 1: “Confirm your Calendar”

Yes, please!! I will start with my calendar: why? It shows me my ready-made deadlines! Not everything is equally important or urgent, so we need this filter to show us.

I then set about confirming everything I see on there. Has anything changed? Time and locations do change. And if you head off to the wrong location, you know…the squeeze is waiting!!

(Eek!! This Sunday is Mother’s Day!!!)

STEP 2: “Arm your Alarms”

The reliable comfort that my alarms bring me, every single day, week after week…how did I function before?? I don’t know, but I’m never going back. (Even though my family rolls their eyes at me regularly!)

STEP 3: “Lay out your Launch Pad”

Now it’s time to actually prepare (PS you can do this way ahead in many cases!)

If you’re going to any weddings and/or graduations in the next few months, you have a real need for a solid, got-your-back Launch Pad. 

-what to wear? ***TRY IT ALL ON!!!! (including the shoes) 

-what to gift? (yay for online shopping registries!)

-gather all these things together and let them wait until the date!

When you do Steps 1-3, you’ll be so far ahead in getting prepared that you need stand tall and pat yourself on the back for “taking care of future you”!!


You’ve got this!! 

OMG last week’s “Return of the Email” edition of our weekly free workshop “Just Log In!” was phenomenal!  Catch the replay in the CALM Collaborative FB group. It was juicy!! Email is such a beast, but it doesn’t have to be.

The invitation stands to come JOIN US this Thursday (and every Thursday…) for guidance and group support on those digital energy leaks!!

See you soon!

Ryan 🙂


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