Slow down, October!! What’s the hurry?

Oct 19, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

Why does my favorite month go by so darn fast?!
I just love October for all the typical reasons: cooler temperatures (or at least the promise of them), fun Halloweens, and all things pumpkin, of course!

But holy crap, how is it already half over?? I don’t have a costume yet, I’ve not had one pumpkin spice latte, nor have I played in a pumpkin patch!

I do NOT feel CALM when I look at the calendar!!!

First of all, let’s take a few deep breaths. Go ahead, no one is watching!

Better? Good.

Second, I’m going to let you in on a little behind-the-scenes, a backstage pass if you will…every Monday at 9a CST, I gather my tribe, AKA the Find FOCUS members, for our off-the-charts-awesome workshop “Start Your Week Strong” and it’s simply the BEST WAY to start our week.

That 3 hour co-working session is freaking magical. Seriously.

For the several Mondays now, I’ve posed an important question to them: “what is working well for you right now?”

And I love the answers they have!

  • Bridget’s morning routine for getting her boys prepared for school and on the bus on time (smooth sailing, most days!)
  • Lora’s bullet journal keeping her accountable for her multiple projects (crafts are her love-language!)
  • Monica is using the CALM Method more and more to set up her day and now she is so proactive! (taking care of herself!)
  • and my ADHD-busting hack of using a daily M.I.T.* index card with the things I 100% must do today (*MIT=Most Important Task)

Starting with that positive energy is everything, Karen, because we have an unfortunate yet natural tendency to overly dwell on the things we have NOT done…and that just feeds the energy leaks. UGH.

Let’s fill our balloons first! So now I pose the question to YOU:

What’s going well for you right now??

I can’t wait to hear from you!!

Ryan 🙂


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