So my 16 year old can’t find his wallet…enter “The Squeeze”

May 11, 2021 | Ryan's Blog

May 11, 2021 — It’s true. My not yet licensed driver/just got a job at Chili’s/man about town son, can’t find his wallet. Last place used (according to Chase Visa): H Mart near Lakeline Mall (OMG what a place!!!). Is losing one’s wallet EVER convenient???

Thank you, Master of the Obvious!!

If you’ve read or listened to my book (or both!?) (yay you!) (you diehard!) The CALM Method: A Guide to Ditch Last-Minute Living, then you have heard me discuss this thing called “the Squeeze.” The Squeeze is when we haven’t left enough time to “CALM-ly” manage the current project, outing, or other time-sensitive situation…and then we suffer for it.

The squeeze accelerates any energy leaks you currently have going, so watch out! If you are already tired or stressed, the squeeze will exacerbate the raw nerves. And that was me last week, working on the audiobook project. There were all levels of Squeeze, trust me.

Believe me, the complete irony of feeling the major Squeeze while producing a book all about trying to be more CALM was NOT LOST on me! LOL!! However, knowing that what I was feeling was legit did help, a little.

No plan EVER goes as planned. There will always be distractions, detours, or even apparent roadblocks. But these are the lessons that you are meant to learn as you go through something hard!! If it was a dang cake walk, full of fragrant flower and soft grass, you wouldn’t learn nearly as much. And we WANT to learn things, because then we are stronger and braver for the next project, hurdle, or puzzle.

The only way around a difficult task or project is through it! And take notes as you go, the lessons are there for you!! And use the CALM Method, of course!!

So, my son will learn what a pain in the ass it is to replace your lost documents. (I’m fervently praying that it provides some natural consequences…)

LESSONS. They are here for the learning!!

Ryan 🙂


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