the Dichotomies of 2020

Jul 10, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

I had a ton of fun thought time on these…ENJOY!

I love being at home all the time. I hate being home all the time!

It’s such a comfort having my family so close at home. It’s so uncomfortable having my family so close!

I love having all this time to cook. I hate having to cook all the time!

I’m amazing at how I used to spend so much time driving. I’d love to spend some driving about now.

It is glorious that my children are not on the crazy school/activities hamster wheel schedule. OMG can my children PLEASE get a schedule!?!

I love not packing/unpacking from so many trips. I miss having any trips to pack/unpack for.

I love this freedom in my schedule! I struggle with this freedom in my schedule..

I have all this time to finish my book! I am ticked that I’ve not used this time to finish my book.

I finally have time to do the courses I’ve signed up for over the last 5 years. It would take me 5 years to finish all the courses I’ve signed up for!

I love having all this time for crafts. I hate that I’ve not done one single craft!

All my excuses have fallen away towards finding time for exercise/online yoga. I have found a million more excuses to not exercise/online yoga.

It’s so fun to see the inside of everyone’s houses. It’s so sad that I can never go inside anyone’s houses.

I am comforted that my relatives are safe at home. I am tortured that I can’t safely see my relatives at home.

It’s important to keep up with the world news. I have got to get away from the world news.

I welcome this new clarity about what’s really important. I am scared shitless by all this clarity about what’s important.

I love that the Earth is telling us what she needs. I am scared to death that we are still missing the message.

I welcome your additions in the comments! (you’ll be trying to think of these all day!!)

Ryan 🙂


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