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Oct 31, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Snippet: Use your tools to your advantage and then the sky’s the limit!!

October 31st, 2023 – Hello and Happy Halloween (here in the US!); but this is not an email about Halloween in any way. (are you relieved??)

We have other fish to fry, so let’s get cooking.

Have you ever had a cool idea or found a tool that’s exciting and/or helpful for you, and then the minute you tell someone how excited and/or hopeful you are about it…it seems to fall apart? I can’t count on one hand how many times this has happened to me.

Well, it used to, that is.

As an initiating QuickStart according to the Kolbe Index™, it’s my natural inclination to jump excitedly into new possibilities regardless of how informed I am. Also, in the action mode of FollowThrough, my strength is to take short cuts and multitask. (Have you met me??)

I’ve learned that I need tools to help me manage my tasks, but not too many. Less is more with me. And I need to just get in there and start DOING. I don’t spend too much time researching, and I don’t naturally spend time creating multi-step processes.

I jump into pre-made systems and then only use the pieces I need. If I start to get too fancy then it’s a distraction.

KISS. Keep it simple, sister!

So, my Kolbe MO™ of 3393 has confirmed that I’m wired this way. And knowing is more than half the battle!

Why so much talk about the Kolbe System™ today?

Well, I just got back from Kolbe Con: amazing conference in Phoenix, home of Kolbe Corp!

What is it about in-person conferences?? There’s really no substitute online, am I right? Especially for this particular conference which was super “fun-forward” by encouraging the attendees to wear a sea of Kolbe purple duds on Thursday, and a “show your MO” contest on Friday!

Bathroom selfie showing my GREEN QuickStart colors! (and my fabulous thrift-find black hat! In fact the whole outfit was thrifted!)

Don’t be fooled by the light-hearted dress code: this conference is all about the life-long MISSION of Kathy Kolbe, and her company Kolbe Corp, who are committed to bringing the knowledge of and freedom to be yourself when it comes to how you naturally problem solve.

Do more. More naturally™. (that’s their tag line!)

I’ve been a Kolbe™ certified consultant for about a year and a half, and my certification was online, so being in the room with around 200 other Kolbe consultants was magic. Connection!!!

Oh my! My brain (and heart) are stuffed full from the amazing presentations from the Queen Kathy Kolbe, the incredible Kolbe staff, and breakout sessions by seasoned Kolbe consultants. (Why do they make us CHOOSE?? I want to go all of them!)

The founder, 84-year old Kathy Kolbe (AKA the female Dr Seuss, as I like to call her), inspired, challenged, and made us laugh with her cerebral-yet-irreverent presentations. She excited us with the continual curiosity she has towards exploring the Three Parts of the Mind™ and will not rest until she empowers as many people as possible, young and old, to learn about this multi-faceted powerhouse that lives between all of our ears!

As a Kolbe™ certified consultant, I get to meet 1-1 with people and share the joys that Kolbe can bring to all aspects of their life: work and home, civic and personal. All of it! Any time that you DO or ACT, you are problem solving. And the more you get to do in your MOST NATURAL way, the more time and energy you have for it all!

Who doesn’t want THAT??

During the conference, the Kolbe team members challenged each of us, the newbies and the veterans, to strive to be an EXCEPTIONAL consultant. One who goes deeply into the concept, who strives to serve as many people of all ages with the power of Kolbe, and to live the Kolbe way in our own lives. I am taking that challenge seriously and therefore, I need you! Yes I do!

You could go to the Kolbe website, purchase and then take your A index, get your emailed report, and then likely never think about it again. No!

A better case scenario is that you get a 1-1 personalized interpretation of that result with a Certified Kolbe Consultant! Hey, that’s me!

On my website, my service package of an A Index and a 30-minute 1-1 interpretation runs $108. But, I’m on a mission to get to 500 interpretations under my belt (and then get myself a cool sticker!! It says “500 Lives Empowered”).

500 Lives Empowered. (And that’s just me, one of 841 consultants out there!) I told you it was a mission!

In November, I’m offering that package for $88; consider it my Black Friday special! Plus the 1-1 talk time will be 45 minutes instead of 30…there’s so much to discover and uncover!!

If you’ve ever been curious to “Know Your MO” then now is the time!! Or if you already know yours, what about your partner, family member, or co-worker? The more Kolbe™ in your house and/or office, the better!!

Grab the $88 deal for your partner, assistant and/or family member, and then I’ll gift you a Comparisons: A to A™ report!

REPLY HERE and say “KOLBE PLEASE” and we will get you taking action on the November Special. (Did you note my Kolbe “dad” joke?)

Let’s do this!

Will you be on the team to help me get my

“500 Lives Empowered” Badge? Reply “Kolbe Please!”

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Come play with us in our fun, free, come-as-you-are Facebook community: the CALM Collaborative!

Ryan 🙂


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