Today: obsessed! Tomorrow…over it!

Oct 19, 2021 | Ryan's Blog

October 19, 2021 — Everything runs its course. Everything has a season. Things evolve. Cycles are natural. We run hot and cold on things.

You know how we get obsessed with things and then later are totally over them? It’s the way of things. We evolve and move on.

Last year around this time I saw an ad on Instagram for an in-home chef. OH MY GOODNESS was I obsessed!!! Surely that would be the answer to all the things that were stressing me out (kitchen-wise). There would be home-cooked food in my fridge?? Yes, PLEASE.

It took awhile (a few months actually) before they had a trained chef to introduce to our household, but by the start of 2021, we had a new “family member” come once a week to shop, prep and COOK and it was sooooo great! Woohoo!

But then, with seasonal changes to the number of peeps in our house, and the tendency to eat out (teenagers) we just aren’t needing the service as much right now. It feels CRAZY that I’m thinking of canceling it (at least for awhile, maybe forever) but it’s almost more stressful that NOT having the chef come. I know!

How? There’s mental and physical prep, plus the planning and managing…yup it’s definitely an energy leak.

And if it’s a known energy leak, then it’s time to address it!

This brings me to the #energyleaksbegone challenge for this week: what services and/or subscriptions are you paying for that no longer serve you or need investigation into how you can get more benefit for your monthly payments? You know you have some or even LOTS of these. Taking a quick look at your iTunes, Paypal or credit card statements will make it really easy to identify them.

And don’t forget Amazon subscriptions…do you have a cabinet overflowing with Myers cleaning products? Oh, that happened to me! I’m almost down to a normal amount by now since I realized to stop that auto-ship.

It’s so tempting to select the auto-ship option because on the screen, it looks “cheaper” but it isn’t really because you’re committing to paying every month. Some things are definitely auto-ship material (AKA coffee!) but others are just going to fill up your already full cabinets.

Here you go: PERMISSION TO CANCEL!!! (You’re welcome)

Or simply adjust to longer ship dates. You can easily change and delay shipments of things, did you know that?

Yes! Quickly if you FOCUS.

Do you feel too scattered and busy to do that? Then come to a Power Hour Live and get it done!!

Knock out some of these subscription energy leaks! What? Yes, attending a FREE workshop will actually pay you back when you save some money!!

What will you do with this found money? Treat yo’ self!!! Treat yo’ self to a week of FOCUS workshops! It’s still 8 days for $8 in October. Jump on that special. Or get Paperpalooza crazy with us on Nov 14 and dive into your paper chaos in an all-day virtual organizing event. Why? Because we are BETTER TOGETHER!!!!

And when it comes to addressing those energy leaks, let’s dial into the wise words of Elsa…LET IT GO!

Ryan 🙂


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