Welcome, precious Golden Window! It’s GO TIME!!

Aug 8, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

I’ll be brief today as I peek my head out from between trips…August is another busy travel month! I had a wonderfully industrious visit with my Raleigh family (decluttered my 88 year old mother’s closet with her!!) and then I attended a conference in Dallas with my husband as his +1. 

And a super fun surprise: we got to have an elegant dinner in the fancy restaurant inside that sparkly ball (AKA the Reunion Tower). It afforded us a beautiful vista of downtown Dallas!

Here’s some really exciting news: I’m on the cusp of glorious GOLDEN WINDOW (and I’m positively SALIVATING!)!! This coming weekend we ferry our youngest child to college and then we start this adventure called empty nesting!! I anticipate some tears at the time (mine, not Dillon’s!) but then, it’s so on!

What’s “so on” you may ask?

Taking back my house!! With fewer (always hungry) giant man-children here, I’ve got my sights set on: the laundry room (the excessive stinky piles!), the fridge and pantry (bye bye cereal temptations!), the front hall (so many shoes!!). And then I’m going after the storage room that is directly connected to the upstairs bedroom which will no longer be occupied by a 6′ 2″ boy-man. 

How excited am I??? CRAZY EXCITED.

Next Monday the first step will be: take a million pictures. I want to document my “starting line August 2023” so I can appreciate the progress. And progress I shall make. 

It will be slower than I want, but I will keep at it. My goal is to know what I have and where it is. That’s not too tall of an order, is it??

Do you have a Golden Window coming up? Let us know!

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