What day is it anyway?

May 30, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Greetings, from the final week of MAY MADNESS!! 

I hope you were able to enjoy a 3-day weekend if you live where Memorial Day is celebrated. Who doesn’t LOVE a 3-day weekend??

Well, I’m going to say it: ME. 

3-day weekends MESS ME UP. Especially when the “off” day is a Monday!!

Truthfully, I’d NEVER EVER wish to go back to those tough formative years of my schooling (Kindergarten through high school…EEEK, please NO!!), but there is certainly ONE aspect that merits implementation in our lives now: ROUTINES.

When you’re in school, there are very clear schedules, and while I am certain I didn’t appreciate them at the time, I for sure love schedules now. 

But when we miss a Monday, I’m off. All my usual Monday stuff doesn’t get done and then…yikes!!! It’s TUESDAY?!?!?

Do you have concise lists of tasks you do on certain days of the week? 

I HIGHLY recommend investigating and implementing this practice. As a non-type A person myself, it’s taken many runs at it to find something that works for me. But using my Bullet Journal and especially “Step 2: arming my alarms” (The CALM Method) has really helped!! (I share more about what I do in the CALM Collaborative free FB group)

Do you struggle to have these types of lists?? Never fear: I have good news!! You’re already doing some day-specific tasks, I promise! (I bet you put your garbage cans down on the same day every week)

SO, you just need to observe your behavior, identify those tasks, then record them in a list! Adjust and align!!

Rinse and repeat! You’ve got this!!

PS Tomorrow is WEDNESDAY! (at least I think so!!)

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