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May 1, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

April 30th, 2024 – On this last day of April, I’m keeping it short and sweet. Who needs a bunch of ramblings today?? Not us!

Current musings:

In keeping with my promise of a short and sweet email, this edition’s “current musings” is simply a placeholder. More “ramblings” in next week’s offering:)

Currently grateful for:

Friends! Time with friends!! I just returned from a quick weekend trip to visit a very good friend in the Woodlands, Texas, and it was so amazing. My heart is FULL (and not to mention my belly…)!

I’m incredibly grateful for my long-standing as well as newly-evolving friendships with people I care about. These include family members and peeps I work with.

Other people bring a richness to my life that I want to cultivate as much as possible. It takes effort and coordination, of course, but it’s so worth it. I want that for you, too, so take a moment to plan something with a friend in the future (even a month or more, when your calendars are more open).

You’ll be so glad you did, I promise (and they will be so glad, too!). I’m pre-congratulating you: “yay you” for making it happen. Win-win!

Current tool:

Pivoting. If you read last week’s post all about the “Covid pivot” then you are aware of how much I’ve pivoted lately. It’s a thing!

True, it can be unnerving, but also it can be a superpower. It’s an opportunity…how’s that for a positive spin?? Change is inevitable, so why not dance with it?

Speaking of the need to pivot…read on!

Current offerings (AKA tools):

**A timely update about our Digital Decluttering Workshop: Facebook, ahhh, good ol’ Facebook…well, recently “they” made some unexplained, unexpected, and generally unappreciated changes around the ability to stream from Zoom into a private Facebook group…so we’ve been discussing our plan to PIVOT how we will continue to present our always free, always helpful Digital Decluttering workshops.

Fear not!!

This Thursday, at the same time as always (noon Central), Digital Decluttering with Friends will go live FROM OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!! If you miss the live, no problem! We plan to share the recording over in the CALM Collaborative.

Stick with us, we will figure it out! (fingers crossed!) See you then!

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Ryan 🙂


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