What treasures are lurking right under your nose?

Feb 13, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

Feb 13th, 2024 – As a Gen X-er, it’s no surprise that I have a bazillion printed photos. I’m glad I have them, but in all honesty, they are a bit of a burden sometimes! And yes, I have over ten bazillion digital photos, too, but those are “out there” and not staring me in the face (and can’t get burned up in a house fire…)

Since I walk the walk of making progress on my own organizing journey, I attended an online photo organizing group workshop this past weekend that rocked my socks off! The power of being with others who, too, were surrounded by numerous photos, often archival-level photos (with an extra sprinkling of guilt!) was PRICELESS.

I re-acquainted myself with so many amazing photos that I’m so glad I have, and can appreciate more since I spent time decluttering the doubles, the blurry ones, the random scenery pics, and the “who is THAT?” photos.

Did I “finish”? (Do we ever finish?)


Did I make INCREDIBLE and IMPERFECT progress?

You bet I did! Yay me!!

Then guess what happened the very next day?

A former colleague of mine posted a sad face on Facebook, which prompted many a concerned commenter to send some virtual love to him. Among the comments I noticed one of my former “favorite” students had chimed in, so I took a minute to message her and say hello (she’s in her thirties now, so hard to comprehend because she’ll always be a middle schooler to me!).

Well, we had a LOVELY virtual reunion chat AND I was able to pull out some PHOTOS of her classmates! Photos that I didn’t even remember that I had!!

Photos that I only just uncovered over the weekend!!

Photos I could FIND because I’d sorted and stored together with similar photos! It was an unexpected treat on my Monday.

Would I have spent that much time sorting photos all by myself?


Was I 10X more successful because I was working with others online with a knowledgeable leader? You betcha! 

Did other the attendees also share incredible resources and tips? 

100% yes!!

What treasures are lurking in your photos? Could a photo brighten someone’s day and create connection?

I ask you, what important photos and documents are lurking in your dusty closets and filing cabinets? 

We all have these things and they weigh on us. (energy leaks!) Times have changed so rapidly that we rarely take time to go in there (it’s scary!!) and toss out old phone bills, kids art work (we all keep way too much), clipped articles from pre-Google days, flyers, notes from workshops that we never return to (ugh!), it goes on and on!

But, in that crazy stack you will find treasures! After ditching most of it, you will find money, important documents, and PEACE!!!

Don’t let the dust keep piling up. Join us to DITCH that energy leak!!

This coming weekend you can make this progress, too! Join us virtually on Saturday from 8a-12p and/or 2-6p. 

Register today. You won’t regret spending the time and the money for some PEACE. 

(Similar future workshops will happen on Fridays: 2/23, 3/29, and 4/26)

Oh, yes! I want this magic!!

I think my youngest son, Dillon, looks just like me in this pic! Do you?

Ryan 🙂


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