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May 18, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

May 18, 2020 — Happy Monday, y’all! I just love a fresh week!

I am certain that you have heard people talking about manifesting-their-dreams or visualizing-their-goals-into-reality…and that they have LEGITIMATELY come true. There are countless undeniable examples.

How do you feel when someone starts talking this way in front of you? (or possibly you’re reading someone’s post about it) There ensues a series of feelings and thought processes that tumble around in your brain, head, and gut when this concept is brought up. Let’s explore.

Reaction #1: (eye roll) “wow, are you actually kidding me with this right now? give me a break!” This is the DOUBTER reaction. We dismiss the crazy notion quickly, maybe even too quickly; there is fear behind this reaction. We don’t want it to be true because we all have our own BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals) that are scary-awesome, and sadly, we are often too scared to approach them even in our own hearts. Food for thought.

Reaction #2: (eyes wide) “hmmm, this is interesting stuff…tell me more!!” This is the INTRIGUED reaction. We have been waiting to hear something like this because only with tools can we achieve what we want to achieve. We have the ideas and beliefs in our hearts, but just need the framework to bring them to light.

Reaction #3: (head smack) “oh no! I knew I should totally be doing this but haven’t yet. Darn it, darn it, darn it!!” This is the FOMO reaction. (I know this expression is “out” but I think it’s timeless, actually) We constantly have this feeling of being “behind” or surrounded by the “shoulds” which only serve to drag us down.

Listen up: it’s okay! You are where you are so that is where you begin.

I, truly, have manifested a few things recently and WOW it feels good. But here is the SECRET:

(don’t you love it when someone promises you the ANSWER??)

It takes time. Patience. Persistence. And OPENNESS.

You MUST be open to the process and take baby steps all the time. Never stop. Never give up.

And lastly, you must be vigilantly observant or you might MISS IT! When you visualize something, you do that in only one form, but the dream will come true in the way it’s destined to, which might not look exactly like you’d originally thought…but the dream knows, so watch for it. (What? Like maybe you get a silver sports car instead of a red one?)

It’s something DEEPER…

SEE IT when it appears to you. Embrace the possibility that it is EXACTLY what you dreamed, whether or not it looks like what you originally envisioned.

How WOO-WOO is that, friends?

I’ll share: (shocker, I know) If you are loyal reader, I might be repeating myself, but honestly, repetition is key to all success.

Ryan’s BHAG #1 – Start a YouTube channel called “out and about in ATX with Organizing4good” that shares all about the missions of the amazing area nonprofits via interviews and on-site videos.

Ryan’s BHAG as it actualized: I am now doing fairly regular live interviews via Instagram with amazing area nonprofits AND helping raise awareness as to how they need help right now, in this New Normal, providing real-time information to the community about how we can help them succeed in supporting their populations!

The same dream, just actualized differently…BETTER even!

Ryan’s BHAG #2 – Run a successful home-organizing business with 1-on-1 clients and do area speaking gigs, spreading the joy and hope of getting more organized.

Enter 2020: (dramatic music please!)

YES, in my 4th year of business, things had started off really well, according to traditional metrics: numbers of 1-1 clients, depositing the checks, all the right steps. Helping my people by working side-by-side with them, addressing their current organizational challenges. Life before COVID-19 and the quarantine, however, meant that long periods could pass between sessions, because that was the crazy life we lived, day in and day out. But still, I was doing my thing: working with my peeps, a few at a time. Slowly increasing “success” in a business.

Ryan’s BHAG as it’s currently actualizing: OH MY GOODNESS. Now that we are all “trapped” at home, we have whole new approach to getting organized and, more importantly, creating a community of support as we are facing deeply uncertain times. Everything is new and different. Things I never specifically envisioned, (yet really did)…like writing my thoughts to you in blog form. Like helping a brand-new client organize her kitchen via Zoom. Like doing 3- and 6-hour online paper organizing workshops (which before COVID-19, no one had time for…) Like hiring amazing business women to consult with me and to solve issues in my business that were really hard for me, keeping me in the crazy. And now I can SOAR doing what I am good at! (FYI life with a working CRM is like playing with beach balls!!!)

I wonder if any of this makes sense to you, but what I am saying is:


Never give up because really amazing are HAPPENING to you right now, and more are just around the corner.

Cheers! –ryan:)

PS Thanks for sticking with me and reading! It truly means so much to me.

Ryan 🙂


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