What’s making me happy right now?

Jan 23, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

Jan. 23, 2024 – Can you feel my excitement? I have lots of things making me excited right now…let me count them for you.

1. After a long, long looooooong time, my broken foot seems to be about 95% better!! I’m on week 7 (injury date: Dec 3rd) and that means I’m THIS CLOSE to getting back to Zumba, tennis, weight lifting, alllll the things!! (reminding myself to not do allllll the things at once…my enthusiasm has often been my downfall LOL!) Bustin’ out the leg-warmers now!!

2. I’m happy to be back home after a fun “California wander” trip with my hubby that was a blend of business meetings for him and fun for both of us. Starting in San Francisco and ending up in Palm Springs, we went to lovely dinners, art museums, lots of ocean appreciation, beach walking and mayyyyybe a little too much driving…sheesh California is huge! (and if you thought I was going to say “drinking” then yeah, too much of that too!)

3. I’ve just joined a fantastic group program designed to supercharge my health and vitality (←- my 2024 phrase of the year!); and it’s so comforting to have massive group accountability and be led by a caring, passionate leader who is an expert on women’s health. (I’m guessing that made you really curious, so here’s a link to her YouTube channel…get ready to LEARN and be INSPIRED by Dr Mindy Pelz!)

…and, #4. My personal productivity seems to be taking root, fed by the New Year energy and my Find FOCUS Membership group, of course, but also I’m dialing into my tools like my Sunday Basket (←- affiliate link) and Bullet Journal. And I’m working hard to use my tried-and-true ADHD hacks and apps that put the blinders on and narrow my purview so I can FOCUS and get more done. I’m simply enjoying that feeling right now.

The theme running across those things is that I’m dialing into ME. Myself. My self care.

And more importantly, I’m NOT trying to do it ALONE! Remember last week’s post where I shared how NOT to make a bed, (AKA the SUPERCHARGED value of community and how we are better together)?

It’s so true.

I will never tire of sharing that message. I will also never not back it up with multiple opportunities for you to draft on some community energy! So read on…

  1. Every Thursday we have a FREE workshop at 12p Central in our Facebook group (also on Zoom). (Note: On Feb 1st, we will bring back our Goal-Grounding Workshop! also free)
  2. We have our in-person Paper Organizing Retreat coming up on February 16-18 in Georgetown TX. Or join virtually on Saturday the 17th, choose from two sessions, or sign up for both!
  3. And, saving the best for last, I invite to check out our juicy Find FOCUS accountability-on-steroids membership (going strong since late 2020!).

Please reach out here with any questions about any of those things!

Reply here and tell me if this blog post resonated with you. (or any thoughts you might have!)

Ryan 🙂


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