When all else fails…Garage Therapy to the rescue!

Sep 25, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

September 25, 2020 — I should strive to blog more during 2020…the material just is like no other.

“Garage Therapy”

Yesterday afternoon I could feel the “slump” coming on. The slow leak of energy fueled by…ALL OF IT. Kids & the school situation, the TOXIC political climate, the PAINFUL economic struggles for small businesses, the continued unanswered calls for JUSTICE: it’s SO MUCH.

I came home from getting a pedicure feeling sad. Yes. Why? The salon I frequented used to be a bustling, rotating machine of clients and busy nail technicians. The cheerful owner with quick wit who knows everyone on sight by their name was not the same. It felt…unstable. I’m not sure why, but they weren’t even running HGTV or any TV on at all.

Have you noticed how DIFFERENT so many places feel now? My dermatologist’s office picked up carpet and took away all the children’s books and toys from the kid nook. I wish I’d appreciated it a little more before it had to go away.

Big circles on the floor reminding us to stand 6 feet away. Everywhere.

Seeing a friend in the flesh (finally), feeling that urge to hug each other, but knowing, “we’d better not.”


Ok, sometimes I need to dump it all out to find the good stuff. I fully believe it is not all bad…it’s bad, yes, but not 100%.

Dialing down into our homes, really feeling into where we live, and how we are living in that space, with those people (if any), know our neighbors, is a good use of energy. BC, (before COVID), I was NEVER home it seemed. The hustle of kid-taxi, errands, round and round, on repeat, was my way of life.


So, now what?

Back to my spiral into darkness yesterday afternoon: I got home, feeling every desire to “screw eating healthy today” and find all the things I’m trying to avoid eating…”I deserve something to eat or drink to make me feel better” and it was close. But instead, I found:


No, I didn’t ask my therapist come set up his comfy chair in my garage to conduct a session with me…but there’s an idea…LOL

What form of garage therapy did I employ?

Now that the weather is more manageable, our garage gym equipment is more appealing. However, the garage is the dump zone for the million boxes that arrive daily, items to donate or freecycle, the carpet my son decided he’s “over”, the coolers that need to be put away…you know what kind of stuff accumulates in that place.

I opened both doors, fed loud Pandora “Latin Cardio Workout” into the bluetooth speaker and started ousting the demons!!

Ohhhhhh the goodness. Throwing stuff out into the driveway was intoxicating, and I’d opted against popping open the daily White Claw…so win-win!

I was so effective that I was able to drag in the new-to-us gym floor tiles I bought from a club gym that was remodeling.

Yes, my car is now full of stuff that now needs to be donated, recycled and distributed, but it’s NO LONGER IN MY GARAGE.

I was so tickled that I kept going out there just to look at it and embrace the new energy of open space and dismissed demons.

What can YOU do to oust some demons??

I highly recommend loud music as the catalyst.

Let me know!!! We’ve got this, y’all. We must soldier on.

Ryan 🙂


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