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May 27, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

May 27, 2020 — I have always loved that saying that goes, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” It is full of potential and forward thinking. It’s about renewal, being where you are, and going for it.

It allows. It invites. Dare I say it: it MOTIVATES.

During this curious and challenging Spring 2020, I have been “gently forced” into a period of introspection as far as my hands-on professional organizing business goes, along with all of us business owners who offer the type of services that rely mainly on being side-by-side with our clients, in their residences, touching them, or otherwise in close proximity. While I could still be “mad” about how 2020 was starting out to be Love Your Space Organizing’s best trend yet as far as clients served and money in the bank…I am actually supremely grateful that I’m being forced into a re-organizing of my own business. Just because you are doing one particular thing doesn’t NECESSARILY mean it’s the right thing, nor the ONLY thing.

Back track to the start of 2020 (B.C. – “before COVID”) when I had a client who was capitalizing on that “New Year’s” energy to re-focus on getting a handle on the challenging organizational situation in her home. It was inspiring! We were working regularly for 4-hour sessions twice a week and oh, the progress! I could see (and she could FEEL) the wins in her house and in her heart as well. She was on it and dedicated. Then, as you know, the Earth CLOSED.

Everyone has had different reactions and amounts of energy towards getting organized during the quarantine. I have seen people posting all about how many closets they cleaned out, “finally got ‘X’ done”, wrote books, launched courses, and all other kinds of inspired accomplishments. AWESOME and congrats!!!

But equally, I think there are plenty of people that have just had the wind sucked out of their sails. With such uncertainty out there, it’s not surprising. As we approach June, (JUNE!) the uncertainty continues. And that can be terribly draining. Somehow being home ALL the time is too much time, especially for people used to being on the go, doing lots of things…

Overwhelm happens. Deeply paralyzing overwhelm.

So let’s just drown ourselves in the news and social media…easy.


There’s another wise saying goes, “Things that can be done at anytime get done at NO time.” I think lots of people feel this way and have let things pile up so much that they are in that dreaded place of: “I wouldn’t even know where to start…” and here comes Mr Head Trash Monster!!! (“I suck. What’s wrong with me? I’ll never get it together…”)

The insightful Flylady had it right with her decisive advice to “get dressed, all the way to the [lace-up] shoes.” When you have your shoes on, it sets you in a different mentality: one of ACTION. If you have your shoes on, you can get to work. You can take out the trash or donations to the car without getting a rock bruise. (oh, remember those tough “summer feet” when we were kids running around all day barefoot??) You can go ahead a take a quick brisk walk to clear your head before sitting down at the computer to face that overflowing inbox or stacks of unopened mail.

As I look at the state of my own home right now with way more surfaces than usual covered in stuff, and it drains me. I GET IT. And when you live with others, it’s a compounded feeling. “Am I the only one that cares if this kitchen violates health codes?” (martyr-mom here, too)

I’m telling you: put on your shoes. (partly because if the floor is gross, you won’t feel it on your bare feet, LOL) But more importantly: get set for action. Small action. Not, “okay, I’m going to clean up this WHOLE house/garage/storage room/basement/attic today!”

Baby steps. If you’ve ever read ANYTHING I’ve put out there, you hopefully know that I am a HUGE supporter of setting your sights low and manageable as far as getting started. Celebrate every tiny win and keep going!

You had clean(ish) socks to put on with your shoes? #yayme!
You are up and looking around your house for a place to start? #yayme!
You are going to put one fork in the dishwasher? #yayme!
You are going to ask one child to take one trash can out? #yayme!
You are going to put all the mail in one place? (the Sunday Basket, of course) #yayme!

Just start somewhere and celebrate just that. Then rinse and repeat.

I get you! I am you.

Cheers! –ryan:)

PS Ha! So me!! I neglected to mention that I’m retiring the name “Love Your Space Organizing” and fully embracing my eco-organizing soul. So please go like @organizing4good on BOTH FaceBook and Instagram. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We’ve got this!!

Ryan 🙂


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