when you look up and, “Crap! it’s Dec 15th?!”

Dec 15, 2020 | Ryan's Blog

Dec 15, 2020 — since i sit down most mornings all alone in a comfy chair with a candle, some great books, my journal, pens I love, and some peace and quiet…I write the date almost every day. It keeps me cognizant of how fast time flies! I still marvel at how SLOW March-May seemed. The time sinkhole…

We are to the halfway mark of December, and by some self-induced, recklessly bad forethought, I have decided to put waaaaaaaaaaaay too much on my plate. It’s not a surprising realization, because past history will attest, but dang it. Here it is.

In addition to the usual December holiday tasks (ok, this is not a usual December, but there are still plenty of things on that list that must be attended to), I’ve decided to finish and release my book shortly after the New Year, andddddddd…offer a 5-day “Lose Weight in your Inbox” challenge on my social media…all while keeping my pets and children alive and my house stocked and standing. Oh, Ryan…

I meant to finish writing that book before Thanksgiving…alas. The mental deadline, but not one I adhered to.

If ever there were a time where I should constantly ask myself, does this have to be done right now?? This is it. And I should not follow up that focusing question with this question: why didn’t you do this before now, you nut??? you shoulda/coulda/woulda if you were more on it…

If ever there were a December that we should be a easy and accommodating with our fragile selves, it’s this one, 2020…we are looking at terrible projected numbers, a more bleak economy, and and and…wow, just wow.

Maybe I’ve overloaded myself as a distraction technique because I find it difficult to defer my brain-heart away from all the scary realities right now. I meant for this post to be uplifting and funny…

No one is operating under the false impression anymore that at the stroke of midnight ringing in 2021 everything will be magically better. (Sorry if you were until I just burst your bubble like spoiling Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy) I wish it were but the world is way too far off the rails to be affected by the turn of the new year.

HOWEVER, look how far we have come.

Look how much we have learned. (however scary)

Look at how opened our eyes have become. (however much more remains)

Look at how hard we are working to move forward. (however difficult it is)

All of that. It’s really good stuff. Hiding amongst the deeply TERRIBLE stuff.

So, yes, I’ve overloaded the crap out of myself, but I’m so excited to announce that SOON, that my imperfect-as-hell ebook will be posted on Amazon. I can’t wait to share it with you!!!

Hopefully, I’ve learned a few lessons here about timing a major “optional” event during one of the busiest months of the year, but hey…whatcha gonna do? I wanted to finish “during 2020” and I’m coming pret-ty close:)

Yes, I’m concerned that some unforeseen distraction is lurking around the corner. But that is counterproductive. I will stay in my Circle of Concern as Steven Covey would advise. Head down, eyes on the prize!

(Like having to spend 3 hours on the FAFSA. But that felt so good to hit SUBMIT!!!)

The prize: releasing my book on my birthday and CELEBRATING like crazy!!!

So, hey, keep on keeping on is my advice today. Don’t shy away from challenges because they are dense with lessons and experience which will serve you at a future time.

Never ever give up on pursuing your dreams!

I bet it would be helpful if I kept to a theme and didn’t overload YOU with so much advice, but…then I wouldn’t be me. I love all your crazy imperfections that make you, you, too!

Ryan 🙂


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