Why are your pits so sweaty right now?

Feb 22, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Hi, have you met me? 

I change things…I know I do.

When I notice that something isn’t going to work, I change it. 

I totally know that it’s borderline obnoxious, but there’s reason to my rhyme, I promise!

What have I changed most recently? Our February paper organizing workshop (AKA Binderpalooza). It was Feb 23rd, but I had an a-ha moment that Mar 2 will be way better. So that means there will be two March workshops! (the 2nd and the 30th)

Thanks for putting up with the little switcheroo!

Secret time: It’s actually FUN when we work on UN-fun tasks together, I promise.

I know you. Mostly because I AM YOU! 

You’re procrastinating like crazy over this tax thing. AGAIN.

You see the tax forms coming in the mail and into your email. 

The pit in your stomach begins. 


Last year you SWORE you’d never procrastinate like that again.

I say those things too!! 

BUT, we do NOT have to suffer so much, Karen…you have opportunities in front of you to work on these arduous, painful, simple yet complicated tasks. 

Yes, you do!! 

And I’m sharing some GREAT NEWS with you!!! And I know we all love good news…

March is a BOGO-palooza month!!! 

Buy one (for $65) and get 2 sessions. I mean it!! 

OMG: is that 7 HOURS of dedicated time to get my tax paper shizz together?? YES, PLEASE!!!! 

For $65??? That’s a no-brainer. 

You’ll make that back in a heartbeat because your CPA will breeze through your prep. You’ll be the one turning it in before all those Last-Minute Lucindas!! yay you!!

Or think of it like “paying” yourself to do your own taxes! (eek, I don’t do my own taxes, but more power to you who do!!)


  • When are these magical workshops? March 2nd & 30th, 7:30-11a CST
  • How long? 3 ½ hours long (and the time goes fast!)
  • What if I can’t attend both March sessions? We can roll your second one to April 27th. You’ll still have stuff to do, trust me.
  • Is there any group support? yes, we have a FB messenger group leading up to the actual event day
  • What is a Financial Binder? It’s an amazing solution (created & sold by Organize365) to help organize your taxes and financial processes so they serve you all year long
  • Where can I get one? Visit my affiliate link here.
  • What if I have my own financial/tax binder/file system? No problem! It’s the accountability and community that is the special sauce. 

And…I’ll say it again: WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!!

You’re in?? Register here. Don’t wait!!! Tick tick tick…April 18 is closing in fast. And the first Binderpalooza is right around the corner on Mar 2.


Intrigued? Have questions? Reply to this email and/or Book a free CALMplimentary chat here!!

Ryan 🙂


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