Why I suck at resting and you do, too, probably…

Sep 7, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

What if you simply FOCUSed on your ONE thing? 

I find the human body truly fascinating, don’t you?  It’s the perfect uni-tasker. It never strays. It always stays the course.

 It has ONE JOB. 

The only thing, the ONE THING it does, all day every day, 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year, for YOUR WHOLE LIFE, without fail, never taking even a minute off, is heal you. 

 Unwavering healing. Literally. 

When you get a bruise, it immediately starts trying to move the blood through it, making all sorts of amazing colors and patterns, until it disappears completely. 

When you get a cut or a hangnail, it immediately starts to clot and create its own natural band-aid and ultimately grow your skin back over the cut. 

When you get a virus, it immediately goes into overdrive and uses the power of fever to cook it out of you until you are well again. 

When you ingest something that disagrees with you, well, I won’t describe what happens there, but the body is ON THE JOB.

 When you work out hard enough to be sore, creating little tears in your tissues, that’s just your body rebuilding you, even stronger.

 And, you know this well: there are those times when your body knows that it needs some time to rest and heal, (and you ignore it)… but oh, it will tell you. It will stop you and MAKE you rest.

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 Where am coming from, you may wonder?

 Well, I had some not-major-but-not-minor surgery last week, so resting to embrace this wonderful healing has been my main job since then.  

Consistently LISTENING to my body’s messages as it does its job of healing me as fast as it can. 

It’s been really interesting. It’s been my ONE THING. 

I do not “rest” well…shocking, I bet! 

When I’d try to “carry on” and get up to do my normal stuff to keep our house afloat, my body had swift, clear messages for me. 

“Rest, girl, REST! Dial into your needs.” 

And watch all the Bridgerton and US Open you want!

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I’ve decided to schedule any future surgeries around a Grand Slam tournament. Duh!!

 And it hasn’t been easy!!

 I do a LOT to keep my house afloat.

 You do, too. Those tasks of daily living are endless and consume so much time; time we don’t even recognize we are spending!

 The best way to discover how much you do on a daily/weekly basis? STOP doing them for any period of time. Oh. My.

 I know you can imagine what neglecting laundry, dishes, trash, sweeping, and even simple tidying looks like.

 But I bet you can’t imagine how FAST!

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So, I want you to try PLANNED neglect. Paired with some simple DELEGATING. Pay for help if you can. 

Why? Why not just keep doing allllll those things alllllll the time? 

Because you’re neglecting something REALLY IMPORTANT: Your ONE THING!  That something that is in you. That is uniquely you. Your unique gift. That something that the world misses because you’ve neglected it in favor of drowning in household bullsh*t tasks. 

Your body has a message: do less picking up and more of what calls you!  

What can you accomplish when you FOCUS on your ONE THING? 

(PS there’s a whole chapter in my book on this topic…I’m passionate about this for you, me, and all of us!!!) 

Got a ONE THING? Reply and share!!

Ryan 🙂


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