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Jun 29, 2021 | Ryan's Blog

June 29, 2021 — As promised, the “Lighten up in July” you-can’t-get-behind challenge is almost here!! But first, some MINDSET WORK. Stay with me…you need this. I need this, too!

Let me guess: do you identify with any of these statements?

-if only my house were so much more organized, then I could be less stressed on the daily.

-if only my email wasn’t so insane, then I could get so much more done!

-if only my refrigerator was more organized, then I could eat more healthfully.

-if only I had a gym membership, then I could get in shape.

-if only my kids were more self-motivated, then I could trust them to do their work on their own.

-if only my kitchen was more organized, then I could teach the kids to feed themselves and make dinner every once in awhile.

-If my house was completely organized, all would be perfect in the world.

-if only my “x” was more “y”, then “z” could make all my dreams come true.

OK, some of these are extreme, but you get the point.

If you’re thinking some or all of the above statements sometimes (or constantly, eek!) you are plainly paralyzed in perfectionism. (And don’t think for one second that I don’t highly appreciate that alliteration, people!)

Basically, you’re stuck in the mud of stinkin’ thinkin’ when you swirl those statements in your head on the regular. One of my favorite authors Jon Acuff describes that head trash as a “broken soundtrack” and it’s NOT HELPFUL! It’s detrimental, in a micro-cut kind of way.

Are you like me and have gone through these mental declarations?

“I’m going to start that positive habit today and break all my bad ones!” or: “I’m going to get completely organized, FINALLY!” or: “I’m absolutely going to get in ridiculous shape, just look out!” What about: “I’ll never touch another milligram of sugar, starting today!” (I’ve said EVERY ONE of these!)

If you go on a hunt for books about habits, getting organized and/or losing weight…you’d better carve out a LARGE chunk of time, as in, possibly the REST OF YOUR LIFE, because EVERYONE wants the answers so many many books are out there!!! The fix, the system, the “oh-my-god-where-has-this-been” how-to step by step is what we want!!! (Later, go check out my blog post where I shared a good number of the places I’ve looked)

I’ve been on my personal development journey HARD CORE for the past 5+ years, and I’ve learned a few things: (Well, actually a LOT of things, but here are few that I’d love to share right now)

1–>there are a finite number of “fixes” or “answers” and none of them are new!! They’ve simply been repackaged for modern times.

2–>there is no such thing as “there” or “together” (as in, I’ll “get there someday” or I’ll finally “get it together”)

3–>it’s not about the specific messenger, but you must feel in alignment/comfortable with whomever you choose to listen to.

And, lastly, and most importantly: —>4-The answers to all you seek lie inside you. You are the answer. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN SPECIAL SAUCE, no one can GIVE IT TO YOU. You ARE your own special sauce. And it’s freaking awesome. YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME.

The more you OWN it, (slowly but surely) the better it gets, so let it be powerful for you. It’s your arsenal of goodness that no one can make work as well as you can!!!

I started out this blog post today to talk about organizing your home and your environment (and how we are starting our “Lighten Up in July” challenge this week) but, interestingly, I ended up talking about the special sauce (YOU). Guess what? YOU are my favorite subject.

So, kids, it’s time to blast through your perfectionism and follow your own special energy. It knows. It’s operating with your magic unicorn dust of YOU. YOUR SPECIAL SAUCE.

But I’m right here by your side, because the good news is that your special sauce gets a steroid treatment when you are in a community of your people!!! Your people can’t WAIT you cheer you on.

And you can’t wait to cheer THEM on!

My goal: that YOU can’t wait to cheer YOU on!! That you BLAST through that perfectionism and CELEBRATE the micro-wins as much as the kind you think of as “before/after” material. Deal??

LET’S DO THIS!! you’d better join the CALM Collaborative, though. That’s where all the action is:)

Ryan 🙂


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