YAAASSSSSS!!!! It’s here!!!!

Jun 8, 2022 | Ryan's Blog

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Please join me to celebraaaaaaaate!!!

And what are we celebrating?

The day: Saturday, June 4th
The place: my couch
The situation: coffee and cats in laps time…

It was a pleasant Saturday morning and we were having some chill time with cats and coffee. A much-needed rainstorm was in progress so we were on the slow train of enjoying some non-activity after another busy week.

I was listening to Dan Charnas’ book Work Clean on Audible and simultaneously reading the actual book, highlighter in hand, enjoying and learning really good stuff.

But then, since I’ve been on pins and needles waiting and waiting and waiting for MY Audible book to drop, it occurred to me that maybe, just MAYBE, I might have the notification in my email that I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for…

Could MY Audible book be finally ready? Could the waiting finally be over??

…checking my email…

“Congratulations! Your ACX Audiobook is ready and for sale!”

OMG. O. M. G. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoop!!! YASSSS!!!! THERE IT IS!!!!!

Remember how I talked about relief last week (thank you Lucille Ball for that perfect GIF!)??

What about that level of relief paired with pride of accomplishment???

Enter the tears of joy, that’s what!!

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When you have worked so hard, pushed through all the doubt, made so many edits, and waited so long…when it finally happens…it is glorious.

I bawled the happiest, most relieved bawl in a long time!!

It came on the heels of a really tough month following the fire that happened next to my son’s house in Boulder. (see email on 5/17)

So, yes, REALLY GREAT TIMING. Thanks, universe! I know you’ve got me!

Click the picture below for the link to the CALM Method on Audible!!

PS If you feel like spreading the love, leaving a review would be AH-MAZE-ING and reaping good juju in the universe for you!!!

Thank you so much for all your replies last week!!!
I loved hearing what was inspiring to you:)

Ryan 🙂


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