YOU are gorgeous architecture!

Aug 3, 2021 | Ryan's Blog

August 3, 2021 — Who is familiar with this saying: “We are our own worst enemy.”

So true! We have years of practice playing destructive soundtracks in our own heads. (ones that we would NEVER say to anyone else, mind you, because they’re so mean!)

You’ll NEVER get organized. You ALWAYS are behind. Yup, there I go again, typical me. I’m a HOT MESS. I’ll NEVER get it together.

Why are we so cruel to ourselves? Honestly, it doesn’t matter why. Because it is changeable.


As many times as are needed!

How do you eat an elephant? Exactly.

One bite at at time.

Or if you prefer, how do you build a house?

One nail/brick/board at at time!

YOU are the house that you are building and you are gorgeous architecture! Like Tuscany in the summer super gorgeous. Like Greece on a sunny afternoon. Wherever the architecture floats your boat…that is YOU.

And we get to remodel!! Whenever we want or need to. YES!!!

Right now, I know you can think of some (lots) of areas of your home (self) that you’d like to remodel, expand, or touch up, am I right?

Make a quick list of the big ones, and then notice if any of those are ones you have been writing down and/or thinking about for days, months, even years. Possibly even a decade or more.

We all have them. “the oldie-moldies”

Filing cabinets full of (mostly) useless paper. ..A book you started to research but left off…Baby books for your kids that are now in college…Gobs of paper from old jobs that you could easily toss if you’d take time to go through it…Family history papers that the family is counting on YOU to organize…Boxes of (physical) family photos and those mysterious (digital) memory sticks…Legal documents for a deceased family member that you’d be thrilled to be finished with…Financial planning binders that would help you breathe a sigh of relief to have in order…Courses you started that have been left fallow and making you feel like a non-starter.

The list is endless. The energy leaks are non-stop.

It’s a matter of looking at one of them (yes, only ONE AT A TIME) and starting to plan.

Start. JUST start.

“Ryan, but I’m too busy!” (my least favorite word!)

Ok, are you too busy in a month or 2? Can you find some time on your calendar in a few months?? Yes, you can. So, put it on your calendar for then. And start the project runway. Go to “Home Depot” for supplies. Get snacks for the big day. Bunker your time by telling others that you are not available because you’re working on something important that requires your undivided attention.

And, if at all possible, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE for this deep dive! A hotel. A library. A conference room or a co-working space. Someone ELSE’S spare room. (I got a ton of progress done on my book because I went to a neighbor’s house to use their seldom-used office!)

Brilliant. It’s a game changer.

It takes some effort, but what doesn’t? And what does effort bring? RESULTS. Progress. These are all good things!

Building that gorgeous house (you!) is work, but entirely worth the effort. YOU are 100% worth the effort!!

No one else will build it for you. (and don’t even let them try!! they should be concentrating on building their own, FYI!)

Dream, plan, gather supplies, book dates with yourself, fortify, set boundaries to allow for that deep work uninterrupted, and allow for the goodness to unfold.

And add the special sauce.

Accountability and community.

We are better together! We encourage and reflect. We inspire and validate. We laugh and bond!

Sometimes the hardest part is deciding when and where. So, this part has been DONE FOR YOU!

So, yes…I’m holding at least 2 (and possibly 3) weekend-long retreats this Fall to bring you this chance to move your needle!!! (vaccinated only attendees permitted)

If people can get together to play video games or watch the Bachelor or Game of Thrones, then we can certainly get together to be productive! Think of how much progress you could make over a weekend, AWAY from the typical household distractions!

Food, lodging, and friendly support are all set.

YOU are the missing ingredient.

YOU deserve something like this.

Now, you must commit to signing up, gathering your supplies and getting really excited!!! It’s going to be so much fun!!!

I am so excited to host you, so do what you need to do and we will see you in Georgetown.

Oh, and is it all work and no play? Heck no!! We have spaces to visit and chill. We will go out to eat on Saturday evening because fun and friendship are all part of the process.

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, you will make huge progress AND fill your soul!!!

Let’s do this!!! More info here!

Ryan 🙂


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