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Mar 8, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

This may come as a bit of a shock, but…take a deep breath…I have chosen to declutter (as in: donate) my beloved wedding dress. 

OMG. Right?!?!

It’s true. (PS I’m NOT decluttering the man I married in this dress on August 9, 1997!! Not to worry!!)

But I saw it hanging in my closet this past weekend and I stopped for a moment to consider if I still needed to keep it. 

I concluded that its purpose had been served and I no longer needed it!

Is your mind completely blown right now?  

And I bet I’ve made you somewhat uncomfortable. I get it.

“But, Ryan! What if a family member would wear it?” NOPE, I’m not pinning MY DRESS onto someone else’s BIG DAY out of obligation.  

“But, Ryan!! That’s such a SPECIAL dress!! You got MARRIED in it!!” Hel-lo! Yes, I was there, and I have a million pictures of that very day in which I can see the dress in all its beauty.

“But, Ryan!!! You could wear it again, right? You still fit in it, right??” Yes, however, I likely would want to wear something else to such a fancy event. Life is short!

“So, then, Ryan, what will you do with the dress, so it can find a new, delighted owner?” I will donate it to Assistance League of Austin. They have a fantastic thrift store that makes money to support many truly amazing programs to support the Austin ISD. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this choice! Or possibly the thrift store operated by Austin Pets Alive!

Why am I telling you this? 

Because I know that you have similar energy leaks teeming all over your house, your to do list, your digital life, and even your schedule! And if you don’t take action, they will meet up with that horrid Overwhelma and then…

You KNOW I’m right. (But you can still respond to this email and tell me again!)

Tackling those ever-present energy leaks is ZERO FUN, but if you are among other people who are also tackling their own energy leaks…now THAT is actually fun!!! 

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We want you killing it like we are!! Down with energy leaks!!

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Cheers & love! 0xo, ryan:)


Ryan 🙂


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