Did I really say that?!

Jan 9, 2024 | Ryan's Blog

Jan. 9, 2024 – Are they gone yet???

I feel so bad writing those words, but seriously!! Are they??

I’m talking about my handsome, large, clothing-dropping, forever cooking and/or eating, and always distracting sons!!

Sheesh!! Can a girl get something done around here??

Looking back on when I was a SAHM had all three of them all of the time for two decades…how did I do anything??? It’s no wonder us moms are spinning in circles. 

And it’s Pavlovian! They are 24, 21 and 19 and I still perk up in a New York minute the very moment they say “Mom,” or text me, or (when miracles happen) they call me. Of course when they call, I brace myself wondering, “Did they wreck the car??”

Whether it’s your kids, pets, aging parents, or your best friend who’s going through some serious stuff…we all have these constant distractions that are playing on our attempts to GSD. For real!!

In last week’s email I asked you if there was “too much talking” around you and suggested taking 5 minutes to “clear the decks.” (and many of you replied to share that you did!) Yay!

But I have a suspicion you are going to reply today and say, “But it’s all gone back to how it was!”

Let’s talk about that. Why do we feel the need to downplay our efforts? 

“It wasn’t enough. It’s not perfect. It all got undone and worse.”

STOP. Please.

You took action and that is so important. You took action for a small chunk of time. And guess what? I’m calling bullshizzle on “it all went back to how it was!” 

It did not. That is literally impossible.

Yes, things likely need another 5-minute “clear the decks” time, but each time you do it, something gets returned to its home, something gets tossed, something gets decluttered, and you LEARN something every time.

You learn by noticing situations like…

…the shoes are always left out in a certain place. Could a basket corral them?

…that the tea always gets left on the counter. Is there room in the cupboard?

…that your hairbrush or toothbrush never gets into the drawer. Is there a clear place for those items?

…it’s a major battle every time you ask someone in your home to empty the dishwasher? Maybe it’s too hard to put items away so no one wants to.

There are messages for you to unravel, decipher and take action on. 

Taking action (even micro-actions) invites improvement, remember? And expect that it will take a few tries at first, but then when you uncover the exact right place…ahhhhhhh. Progress!!

That feeling is well, I’ll just say it: organasmic. (Re-read that word if you were skimming!)

Yep!! I know you’re thinking, “Well, Ryan, you’ve surpassed your weirdness-threshhold at last!”

(I coined this term pre-COVID when I was doing lots more in-home organizing. Not sorry!)

So, what do I mean?

Sometimes, you’re in the middle of re-organizing a drawer, shelf, or cupboard, thoughtfully putting those essential items back in, and there’s a super special moment that happens when things fit unbelievably perfectly and it takes your breath away!

Yes, organasmic.  (Do I dare try to trademark it?)


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