I’m takin’ it back

Aug 22, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

The “take back my house” energy is on point!

August 22, 2023 – As a newly-minted Empty Nester enjoying that there are way fewer “people-stractions” in my house, I‘ve been able to go-go-go in our laundry room and the kitchen woohoo!! (Of course, I’m quickly junking up other parts of the house AKA garage and upstairs landing area…but that’s part of the process)

But guess what? This past Saturday I actually finished the laundry room and ahhhhhhh it is joyous! How hilarious that a systematized laundry room could bring us so much joy…but that is an important room in the house! And yay me for actually FINISHING!!

Enjoy this pic:)

Then I turned my sights onto our FOOD in the fridge and pantry!! Isn’t it amazing the things you find that you already HAVE?? Things you completely forgot about? I hate having to throw things away because it makes me feel like a bad person.

But remember that I swore last week that I will be so very kind to myself!! So, I’m doing the very best that I can and that’s good enough. This shizz ain’t easy!!

I’m getting some Insta-spiration from some ADHD-themed Reels, and one of them mentioned something that blew my mind! She said: the ideal fridge for ADHD brains would be 6-ft WIDE and one 1-ft DEEP!!! Ha Ha! So true!! YESSSSSS!!! A fridge wall, please!!

Out of sight is really out of mind. Think outside the crisper!!

I can’t stress enough that you have to do what works for you, and you have to KEEP GOING. Yes, you will re-do things because you constantly discover better ways to work with your own tendencies.

However, if you live with others, pay attention to what their organizing styles/natural patterns are as well, so you stop feeling like they just ignore your efforts and keep making messes. Are they? Have you asked them? Have you taken a second to think and observe? To observe and think??

Case in point: I noticed that my hubby is terrible at replacing lids. (And closing drawers and cabinets, too…luckily the fridge will YELL when he leaves it open!) So I have adjusted my tactics so that I either use containers with attached lids or I don’t store things that get stale quickly in a container that he likely won’t replace the lid. Or, yes, it’s true: I just accept that I’m the lid-putter-on-er person in our house! (and cabinet/drawer closer…)

And that’s okay!!!

What’s the goal? Peaceful systems in our house. Systems that work as best as they can with the attention that we have to give. Finding and using the things that we have.

Setting that bar low so there’s that sense of progress. Even micro-progress is progress! (if you are in our private free Facebook group, I’m posting my progress there, so check it out!)

I’m getting ideas (and trying not to get too overwhelmed) from this great book. (you can click the picture for the link)

Well, I’m almost embarrassed to admit how excited I was about this baby win: I made ONE JAR of overnight oats yesterday. YAY ME!! And the truth is that I almost didn’t make that one jar, because I found myself saying, “well, you have 4 ripe bananas, so you should make 4 jars of overnight oats.”

I was should-ing on myself! I almost should–ed myself out of making even ONE!

So, I took a breath, told that persistent Perfectionilla to leave me eff alone, and then I gave myself permission to make ONLY one. And guess what?

I made one! And that’s setting that bar low and allowing the big wheel to start slowly moving forward!! Yay me!

And when I have my already prepped breakfast this morning, I’m going to be so dang proud of myself, too.

We talk ourselves out of making progress all the time. Please take a minute to think of times you do this, and I invite you to lower the bar so low that you can’t help but make progress.

And celebrate with me! Tell me all about it! Feed those wins until you have a full on winsplosion!!


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