Pivoting is a superpower.

Nov 21, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Snippet: No one is giving you a grade on how you’re doing on the daily in your life. So pivot and keep going!

Nov 21, 2023 – Oh, my! Literally EVERYTHING is shouting for my attention today. With this being a compressed week, it feels even more heightened. There’s so much going on! Eeek!

Deep breaths…won’t you join me in few CALM-ing breaths?

PS I hope you had a few “balloons and puppies” moments since last week’s email came out.

Guess what? This past weekend I went to a Clothing Swap! Woohoo!

Have you ever been to one?? I have some friends who throw one twice a year. It’s the BEST. The joys of having a reason to clear out your closet PLUS the unexpected #secondhand treasures you would never otherwise find!! Golden!!

So, if you’ve been around here for a bit, you know that I’ve struggled so badly with being late and unprepared (and still do…) to the point that I wrote a book on it! I mean, the title says it all: The CALM Method: How to Ditch Last-Minute Living.

Well, guess what? Poster child that I am, I was SO LATE to the swap because I’d somehow written it down as starting at 3p…and it started at 2…oh, me oh my! So when I got there “fashionably late” I was actually “hideously late”!!

That yucky, embarrassed feeling flooded right back with a vengeance!

The information was right there in the Evite, too. (and that’s Step 1: Confirm your Calendar) I neglected my very own method!!

Well, I’m thrilled to report that I forgave myself RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

No big deal. I had my bags of clothes to contribute…I had a box of treats to share…so a quick mental pivot allowed me to let go of that OH SHIT NOT AGAIN feeling and get down to enjoying one of my favorite events of the year.

Can we have a standing ovation for this mental shift, please??


I remind you of this: no one is checking over your shoulder and giving you a bad report card!

So don’t do it to yourself. Got it?

And I scored the most FABULOUS red cocktail dress EVERRRRRR!!!!!

I can’t wait to wear it!! Luckily the hubs has been scheduling us some fabulous dinner dates lately! Or, maybe New Year’s Eve and/or my birthday! Right?? It is super fabulous. Such a score!

(I promise to share my pictures when I get to wear it)

Who doesn’t love a fun red dress??

Please, oh please, let yourself make mistakes. Then forgive yourself and pivot like a badass!!

Jump back on track and don’t look back. Unless it’s to be super proud of how far you’ve come!

Standing ovations required. You rock!!

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