What can be BIG and small at the same time?

Nov 7, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Snippet: What is both big and small at the same time? You can go BIG while going very SMALL and make BIG THINGS happen, I promise you!!

Nov 7, 2023 – I’m coming to you from the close of many wonderful trips this past October and early November! Each one was absolutely amazing. And on the icing on the cake for me was that I survived all that packing, unpacking, and re-packing!

I just hate packing. I’m seeking to improve that though. I’m trying to have a pseudo-packed suitcase with travel toiletries and some other things that I always travel with. Anything helps!

One might even call that a Launch Pad!!! #CALMMethod

Anyway, here are a few pics from my trips: Corpus Christi for a tennis tournament (and an ECLIPSE!), Mexico City with my hubs, Phoenix for Kolbe Con, and Pittsburgh for Pitt Parents Weekend with our youngest son!

While trips are great, OMG it’s so great to get home and get back into the routine. And of course, the feline babies are THRILLED! One is in my lap “helping” me right now. (Right meow…oops I went there! LOL)

Several weeks ago, I shared in the weekly email that I was using spooky magic to make things happen via describing them in my Bullet Journal:.

#1. 5 things I want

#2. WHY I want each thing

Well, recently, I layered on a third step (get ready for it!):

#3 “what’s 1 little thing I can do to move the needle?” 

OHHHHH this is good stuff.

We can dream, we can define, and then we can set ourselves up for action. It’s both BIG and small at the same time. 

How can that be? It sounds like a child’s riddle: what is both big and small at the same time? 

Well, I will be so bold as to proclaim that bringing a child-like “learning” attitude to anything we want to accomplish is more powerful than you’d think! Baby steps are far superior to NO steps, which is what we often do because of that thing we always do: overthinking everything.

Sound familiar??

As soon as we stop the important step of cheering every single step of progress, AKA the gain, then we lean over into the gap. The gap is inherently negative.

The gain is always positive because when you look backwards, your only option is to see progress.

(thank you Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy for their book the Gap and the Gain)

So, I say to you: we have to focus on what we CAN control. (Whew, how many times have I said this, yet it never seems to lessen that truth bomb!)

So I’ll leave it right there: WHAT do you want, and WHY, and then what is ONE THING you can do to move that needle on your dreams??

And you know, I want to know so reply here 🙂

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Ryan 🙂


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