Where did you go, August?

Aug 29, 2023 | Ryan's Blog

Did you “think outside the crisper” last week?? (if that doesn’t prove I’m weird then nothing will!)

August 28, 2023 – If you read last week’s email, I did, in fact, make a suggestion to “think outside the crisper!” LOL! But we are not talking about fridges and laundry rooms today.

Last Sunday, as I was hosting the “Get Set Sunday” workshop for my FOCUS membership (and anyone who bought their Org365 Sunday Basket™ through me), I noticed an interesting energy in the Zoom room…

Right now we are looking at the end of August; Labor Day weekend is coming up, and there is a natural ending/beginning feel to the season. Ending summer and beginning the Fall/school season. A change in schedule, and change in pace of life, and the unavoidable feeling of “OMG we’re fully into the second half of the year!” EEK!!!

I know!! It’s true!! Oh, how time flies.

For those of us with extra-special brains, including but not limited to ADHD, we see time as:

a) NOW or

That’s pretty much it.


We can plan for today, and this current week, but it’s so much more challenging to plan for the upcoming season. That’s too many steps!

And holiday planning??

I’ve had years of practice reactively crashing through many a holiday season doing everything expensively and last-minute…

I should call my “annual holiday planning” more like “annual holiday surviving while swearing that NEXT YEAR I’ll do things differently”!!! That is the truth: it’s EVERY YEAR.

Planning. Oh, Planning! You elusive muse…

Planning is vexing.
Planning is essential.
Planning is so hard!

Bridget, I don’t know how the rest of this year will go, but I have a show-stopper for you: I’m FOR-REALS taking some reflection time and planning time. Yes, me!! Yay me!!

How? I’m using my steadfast Bullet Journal™ for the reflection, and the Organize365™ Planning Day and resources for the planning. And I’ve got my wonderful FOCUS membership supporting me (and each other…we are better together)!

It’s true: this is not the first year (nor the second+…) that I’ve sought to make strides here, but I feel like this year, at last, a few more pins have fallen into place!

What do I mean?

For example, we really want to do some home upgrades like replace our front door and re-do the upstairs bathroom. These are big, complicated projects, wouldn’t you agree?

However, the next four four months are filled with trips. Not ideal for home renovation time! So, I will table that until 2024.


And, get this: I won’t fret about it. I won’t let that energy leak bother me for one single minute in 2023.


The fact that I have simply charted out the events of the next four months at all is HUGE. It’s a lens that helps me! Woot!!

Knowing that I have so many trips (not as many as my hubby!) is a wide-open invitation to finally put together a “prepped” suitcase. (Launch Pad time!)

I have wanted this for sooooo long because I absolutely abhor packing. I DO! I don’t mind unpacking though…weird, eh?

So, while I’m getting my closet and bathroom products organized (with my “take it back” energy!), I will create a permanent “travel set” of toiletries and TRY to make a list of what to always pack. If I have duplicates, then those things will live in my suitcase. I may even set aside 3-4 pairs of undergarments, a bra, and some seasonally-appropriate pjs that just stay ready to go in that suitcase. Woot!!

Also, I can prep my carry-on backpack keeping it semi-packed with an extra laptop charger, extra earbuds, the all-important hand lotion (why are my hands so insanely dry on airplanes?), erasable pens and those snipped-out crosswords I will ONLY do on airplanes.

You get it.

And I GET IT NOW, too!

This type of thinking is so new to me! (Remember “now” and “not now”?)

I’m feeling that light embarrassment again like when I told you last week that I made ONE jar of overnight oats…this stuff seems SO OBVIOUS…but have I done it??

But I’m being kind to myself…remember?

This was a long email, so thanks for reading if you’re still with me.

Victory Lap on the Horizon: I could even get excited to pack for all these Fall trips because I’ll already have started my Launch Pad! Ok, maybe not excited, but what about tolerating instead of hating it because I have a plan??

Yes, please!! Overwhelma and Perfectionilla can go do their thing elsewhere this Fall, so peace out to those b*tches!

Well, even if you’re not traveling, you can do some of this same thing:
-make a list of 5-10 things you always buy at the grocery store, and then your list is already started.
-layer like 4-5 layers of grocery bags in your kitty litter scooping bucket, and then you are always ready to scoop, because if you’re like me, you will put that off in a heartbeat! (And double-bagging is always a good idea in there, know what I mean?)
-is the dishwasher over half-full? Go ahead and put in the soap tablet and watch yourself start it sooner instead of letting it get that…SMELL…you know the one!

You got this! We’ve got this!!

Please share your questions and or wins! Love them all!

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